Accepted Papers

Full Papers

Privacy and Personalization: Does Disclosure of Personal Data Depend on the Benefit Promised by Personalization?
by Lisa-Marie Wadle (Fraunhofer); Noemi Martin (Fraunhofer); Daniel Ziegler (Fraunhofer)
A Metacognitive Perspective of InfoVis in Education
by Panagiotis Germanakos (SAP SE & Univ of Cyprus); Maria Kasinidou (Univ of Cyprus); Marios Constantinides (Nokia Bell Labs); George Samaras (Univ of Cyprus)
Usability Issues in Commercially Available Mental Health Applications
by Felwah Alqahtani (Dalhousei University); Rita Orji (Dalhousei University)
Classification of cardiometabolic risk in middle-aged women for preventive self-care apps
by Amaury Trujillo (IIT-CNR); Maria Claudia Buzzi (IIT-CNR)
Shaping the Reaction: Community characteristics and emotional tone of citizen responses to robotics videos at TED versus YouTube
by Styliani Kleanthous (Cyprus Center of Algorithmic Transparency & Open Univ of Cyprus); Jahna Otterbacher (Cyprus Center of Algorithmic Transparency & Open Univ of Cyprus)
The Impact of Social Connections in Personalization
by Carine Kuza (Vienna Univ of Technology); Dimitris Sacharidis (Vienna Univ of Technology); Hannes Werthner (Vienna Univ of Technology)

Short Papers

Interactive Personalised STEM Virtual Lab Based on Self-Directed Learning and Self-Efficacy
by Ioana Ghergulescu (Adaptemy); Arghir-Nicolae Moldovan (National College of Ireland); Cristina Muntean (National College of Ireland); Gabriel-Miro Muntean (Dublin City University)