Accepted Papers

Full Papers

Self-Regulation, Knowledge, Experience: Which User Characteristics Are Useful for Predicting Video Engagement?
by Alicja Piotrkowicz (Univ of Leeds), Vania Dimitrova (Univ of Leeds), Antonija Mitrovic (Univ of Canterbury) and Lydia Lau (Univ of Leeds)
A Survey on Different Means of Personalized Dialog Output for an Adaptive Personal Assistant
by Maria Schmidt (Daimler AG & Ulm University) and Patricia Braunger (Daimler AG)
Equilibrium State of Interaction - Maximizing User Experience through Optimum Adaptivity States
by Panagiotis Germanakos (SAP SE & Univ of Cyprus), Panayiotis Andreou (Univ of Central Lancashire) and Constantinos Mourlas (National & Kapodistrian Univ of Athens)
Towards Modelling the User Creative Process in a Sandbox Game
by Styliani Kleanthous (Univ of Cyprus), Demetris Christodoulou (Univ of Cyprus) and George Samaras (Univ of Cyprus)

Short Papers

Towards a fuzzy rule-based systems approach for adaptive interventions in menopause self-care
by Amaury Trujillo (IIT-CNR) and Maria Claudia Buzzi (IIT-CNR)
Exploring User Roles In Group Recommendations: A Learning Approach
by Yong Zheng (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Your Digital News Reading Habits Reflect Your Personality
by Marios Constantinides (UCL), Panagiotis Germanakos (SAP SE & UCY), George Samaras (UCY) and John Dowell (UCL)
User Modelling in Exergames for Frail Older Adults
by Zelai Saenz de Urturi (UNED) and Olga C. Santos (UNED)